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07 Sep 2011

Template for asking Questions.

Hello all engineers and potential engineers out there. This thread is to give the new members a clear direction on how to post their questions to the forums and get a valid reply from other members.


1. Ask yourself, why did you choose the current field you are in. The ans must not be exact 100% clear cut, but even should not be like "Oh I was drunk while filling in the college form".

2. Ask yourself, what problem you are going through? Is it technical? or is it your college project/report/seminar?

3. Think what you would like to do within the field? If you know that then good, if you dont then keep that in mind too.


1. You have to think of your topic before hand, otherwise if will be very difficult. Your title must clearly state your topic, not your needs. Eg: This is wrong;

HHEELLPP!!!! or Can some1 gimme project idea!!!11 or artificial intelligence

The correct way would be:

Doubt in <topic here>
Neural network effects on compression.
Need guidance on <topic here>
Need help in <topic>



You post must first of all state which field you are in.

, which area are you considering to work on.

, in your post you have to tell us what research you have already done, by yourself or by using google or the search function and what observations have you reached.

, your question clearly stating the problem and what you expect from the answers.



Title: Help! My project does not work!!

Post: i m having a problem with my project. its a robot car and it cannot move straight WHAT SHOULD I DO??????????



Title: Robot car maneuvering problem.

Post: I am a computer engineer and I have made this robot car for my 4th year project. The thing is it recently started acting strange. It randomly turns right whenever there is a slight bump to the bot.

I have checked the microcontroller connections and software, the motors seem to be working fine on their own and even the power source is shielded. What could be the problem?


And in the end, when you do get your answers or solve it by yourself dont be an idiot and run away. PLEASE: Post the solution in the last post and thank everyone collectively.

NOTE: If any improvements are needed please post them. Happy Posting!😀
11 years ago
Way to go, xHx! You are a true value adder. 😁

Nice template & I'm sure it will help the new members of our tribe 😉

-The Big K-


Branch Unspecified
7 years ago
thank u for providing this information

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