• Rupam Das

    Rupam Das

    MemberSep 24, 2011

    Template for Asking Guidance for Final Year Project

    1. Branch: Computer Science/ Electronics etc
    2. Course: BE/Diploma/BCA/MCA/Bsc/Msc/Mtech. etc
    3. Domain: Data Mining , Image Processing, Robotics, Hardware, Software Engineering, Video Signal Processing, GPS, etc
    4.Interested in Language: C#, Java, Matlab, Android, J2EE, C++, VC++, Keil, Php
    5. Expectation: Suggestion regarding topic/ Concept/ Apllications/Abstract/ Methodology( Please Do not ask for Source Codes, Report, PPT)

    If if you are not sure of any of 3/4/5 than you need to look at them, read decide and post.
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