Temperfect Mug Keeps Your Hot Beverage At Perfect Temperature

Coffee drinkers worldwide always struggle to keep their coffee at the perfect temperature. The freshly prepared coffee is too hot to be consumed and if it is left for a slightly longer period of time it becomes undrinkable. Dean Verhoeven from Wake Forest, North Carolina also faced the same problem on a daily basis, so to make sure that his coffee stayed at the perfect temperature at all times he collaborated with Chemical Engineering graduate Logan Maxwell and came up with Temperfect Mug. He added an extra insulation layer in mug which he calls as “active insulation”. This insulation layer absorbs the excess heat from the freshly poured beverage and brings it to the perfect drinkable temperature quickly. This stored heat is then slowly released back into the mug to make sure that proper temperature is maintained for a longer duration.

Temperfect Mug

His company Joeveo has sought the help of Kickstarter to raise funds for mass production of this innovation. With 25 days still left in the funding process the product has received funds of over 22,000 US dollars and is expected to reach the funding goal of 23,500 US dollars very soon. To get your hands on one of these mugs you have to shell out a minimum amount of 40 US dollars. Once the product reaches the funding target the company promises to deliver the product by July 2014.

For more information on the Temperfect Mug we recommend you to visit the following links: #-Link-Snipped-#, #-Link-Snipped-# and its coverage on Temperfect — A Perfect Cup Of Coffee From Joeveo | TechTree.com.


  • sana592
    This project was born of my frustration with not being able to drink my carefully-brewed, but too hot, coffee right after I made it, and it then getting cold before I had time to enjoy it. I wanted it just right.

    I thought about this problem and had an inspiration: why not take the excess heat out of the too-hot coffee, store it in the wall of the mug, and then use it later to keep the coffee at a pleasant drinking temperature? I realized that this could be done simply by adding an extra layer of what I call active (“Temperfect”) insulation to a standard mug
  • sana592
    Thinking I would make the mugs myself, I learned all the processes involved in creating vacuum-insulated drinkware out of stainless steel. Try to focus more "DASH"

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