Technology Used In Old Films

This is a sort of ques that is related all engg field as an whole, but much related to computers.
Recently, i was watching some very old movies like 1940s -50's. I came across some spectacular things, i mean 'spectacular' work in their times. Here are some of them:

>I came across some of the scenes, where they used Graphics and Animations in the movie, and also sometimes they increased the size of a person in relation with the other person.
>They also Changed the background/adding moving background to it etc.,
>In some films( i.e. in some scenes), they changed the colour from BW to sepia and so. >Also, the credits(texts) at the end of the movie and at the beginning, how they did that?
> Same person acting in a double role, that too standing next to next.

They seemed incredible to me, because there were no computers, no photoshps those times. My question is how did they manage to do all this? How, What technology they used? Please answer in separate, in relation to each point. TY 😉

And also this, when a bullet hits the body of the person, it starts bleeding(i mean an illusion of bleeding is created). How do they do that?


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Sad to see this thread going unnoticed. The film technology evolved after arrival of computers. But it's still interesting to know how they did all those special effects. 😨
    Hmmm ... yes... It's interesting.

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