Technofiera 2012 at Vishakha College of Engineering and Technology, Vishakhapatnam on Jan 3, 2012

Technofiera is a State Level Technical fest organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Vishakha Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Technofiera 2KXII helps you to innovate and explore your creative skills. The aim of the Technofiera 2KXII is to kindle the innovation and enthusiasm in you. Technofiera 2KXII is the succession of Technofiera 2KX done previously. About 200 participants attended and made it successful. The huge response from the participants in various subjects of paper presentation, poster presentation etc as a part of Technofiera 2KX gave us immense pleasure and inspiration to organize Technofiera 2KXII.

Technofiera 2KXII is a quest to recognize and reward knowledge. The student can make use of this golden opportunity and exhibit their skills by participating in as many events as possible. Participation certificate will be given to all the participants.

Technical Events:

Paperez is the niche for hundreds of visionaries who have the seeds of technological advancements sprouting within them. It is the technical paper presentation contest of Technofiera2k12 .The participants can choose one or more topic/theme and prepare a presentation covering all the engineering aspects of the topic . The finalist is shortlisted based on the abstract submitted by them prior to the final event the presentations are evaluated on their content, originality, flow of the presentation, communication skills and co-ordination among the group members.

Visualization is the laboratory of your mind, capable of turning creative energy into achievement.
The era of sticky paints is finally over. Photoshop is just as real as any other canvas to express your Ideas .So, accurate yourself in the form of pictures rather than words which can depict your imaginations at a single glance.
This event is an assessment for budding engineers to disclose their ideas well with the help of sequence of posters, which blend in with each other to annotate the concept they have chosen.


Robo Race
Robo Wars
Tug of War
There are various Non Technical events like- PC LAN Gaming, Short film and Documentaries, and various Sports and Cultural activities.

For more details, queries and registration; visit their website:


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