Techincal Interview Questions - Advance JAVA

Advanced JAVA questions

  • · What is RMI?
  • · Explain about RMI Architecture?
  • · What are Servelets?
  • · What is the use of servlets?
  • · Explain RMI Architecture?
  • · How will you pass values from HTML page to the servlet?
  • · How do you load an image in a Servelet?
  • · What is purpose of applet programming?
  • · How will you communicate between two applets?
  • · What IS the difference between Servelets and Applets?
  • · How do you communicate in between Applets and Servlets?
  • · What is the difference between applet and application?
  • · What is the difference between CGI and Servlet?
  • · In the servlets, we are having a web page that is invoking servlets ,username and password? which is checks in database? Suppose the second page also if we want to verify the same information whether it will connect to the database or it will be used previous information?
  • · What are the difference between RMI and Servelets?
  • · How will you call an Applet using Java Script Function?
  • · How can you push data from an Applet to a Servlet?
  • · What are 4 drivers available in JDBC? At what situation are four of the drivers used?
  • · If you are truncated using JDBC , how can you that how much data is truncated?
  • · How will you perform truncation using JDBC?
  • · What is the latest version of JDBC? What are the new features added in that?
  • · What is the difference between RMI registry and OS Agent?
  • · To a server method, the client wants to send a value 20, with this value exceeds to 20 a message should be sent to the client . What will you do for achieving this?
  • · How do you invoke a Servelet? What is the difference between doPost method and doGet method?
  • · What is difference between the HTTP Servelet and Generic Servelet? Explain about their methods and parameters?
  • · Can we use threads in Servelets?
  • · Write a program on RMI and JDBC using Stored Procedure?
  • · How do you swing an applet?
  • · How will you pass parameters in RMI? Why do you serialize?
  • · In RMI ,server object is first loaded into memory and then the stub reference is sent to the client. true or false?
  • · Suppose server object not loaded into the memory and the client request for it. What will happen?
  • · What is the web server used for running the servelets?
  • · What is Servlet API used for connecting database?
  • · What is bean? Where can it be used?
  • · What is the difference between java class and bean?
  • · Can we sent objects using Sockets?
  • · What is the RMI and Socket?
  • · What is CORBA?
  • · Can you modify an object in corba?
  • · What is RMI and what are the services in RMI?
  • · What are the difference between RMI and CORBA?
  • · How will you initialize an Applet?
  • · What is the order of method invocation in an Applet?
  • · What is ODBC and JDBC? How do you connect the Database?
  • · What do you mean by Socket Programming?
  • · What is difference between Generic Servlet and HTTP Servelet?
  • · What you mean by COM and DCOM?
  • · what is e-commerce?


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