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Team Indus Unveils Lab2Moon Initiative - Now Design A Prototype And Send It To The Moon

Team Indus – a Bengaluru based aerospace start-up has challenged us all! They have launched a competition through which selected candidates will get a chance to design a prototype of a system that will help humans to sustain on the moon. Out of all entries only 20 candidates will be shortlisted for design challenge and one will be the final winner. The selected prototype will be taken on board along with their space craft to the Moon as per the Google Lunar Xprize mission.

Team Indus at their Bengaluru Workstation

The Google Lunar Xprize is a competition which involves private aerospace industries and start-ups to prepare a spacecraft. The purpose of that spacecraft will be to land safely on the Moon and take good quality images and send them back to our planet. The Winning team will be awarded with an amount worth Rs 200 Crores. Team Indus is the only start-up which is representing India in this competition and has already advanced much further in the competition.

Team Indus at Work
Hence Team Indus is now allowing young brains of the country to be a part of their mission by launching Lab2Moon initiative. Under this a team consisting of 3 participants will be allowed to participate and submit a design which will be fulfilling their objectives. If selected, they will be given a time period of 5 months to develop their design into a working prototype. After that selected teams will get a chance to present their models in front of an international jury in Bengaluru where the winners will be decided. Only one will get a chance to go on board.

The registrations have already started and will continue till 20th of August, 2016. Participating teams will have to send their design, a small write-up and a short video demonstration explaining their designs and ideas to the Team Indus. They are expecting entries from 14 – 25 years of age group and thus are relying on the talented minds of the nation. As mentioned, the objective is to design a prototype which will establish human beings as a sustainable planetary species and will be able to communicate with an on board computer. The dimension of the project would be no bigger than an ordinary soda can and have to weight under 250 gm.

Detailed information about the competition is already available on their website. Interested space enthusiasts can directly start of their work after completing the registration process. If you have dreamt of being a part of such a mission, then give it a shot as this is your chance. Who knows, maybe you are the next one for whom they are waiting for!

Check out this video to get a detailed description about the Lab2Moon initiative-

Source: Team Indus

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