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@Ankita Katdare • 02 Apr, 2012
I think a lot of CEans might have been placed in different companies in the academic session 2011-2012. A lot of engineers panic when they don't hear from the company after they receive an offer letter.
So, I thought this is a good place where you can meet your friends who are joining in TCS in 2012 and clarify doubts hovering in your mind about formalities to be completed before joining and have fun in knowing your colleagues even before you join company.

Has anyone heard of the joining date? Have you received any kind of communication from the company officials? Share here with us.
@avii • 02 Apr, 2012 Why only TCS ? Do we have different threads for different companies ?
@Ankita Katdare • 02 Apr, 2012
Why only TCS ? Do we have different threads for different companies ?
Yes I am about to start threads for all the major companies. It would be great if all CEans do so for their respective branches.
@avii • 02 Apr, 2012 I think a single thread would be better, because there are so many companies. So many.
@Ankita Katdare • 02 Apr, 2012
I think a single thread would be better, because there are so many companies. So many.
A single thread for all the companies creates hodge-podge and makes relevant information difficult to find for newbies. Let us not spam this thread anymore.
@avii • 02 Apr, 2012 Just asked a friend who got placed at TCS, he said no idea about joining letter.
@jkj • 03 Apr, 2012 ...
@*pushkar* • 04 Apr, 2012 I heard that Accenture has started giving DOJ to students.. I am not sure but heard so..
@Gotit Singh • 24 Aug, 2012 How many of grade B college candidates have got the Joining dates ?? Anybody any info? I think then only will any grade C college candidate will get chance.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 20 Nov, 2012 I've been receiving lot of queries from those recruited by TCS in the academic year 2011-2012. Apparently, TCS recruited over 20,000 engineers from top engineering colleges all over India. I also learn that TCS is one of the companies sending the joining letters to all the candidates on priority basis. However, one must understand that there could be very legit reasons for the delay in joining dates for the candidates.

The biggest reason for the delay in joining could be the slow moving economy. Most of the big IT companies rely on the work outsourced by offshore companies in India. If there's a slow-down in this outsourcing, then the existing candidates aren't allotted to project. This creates a blog in assigning new candidates to projects and that results into growing population of fresh graduates who're on bench. But given TCS's reputation, I've no doubt that the company will honor all the offer letters made to candidates.

The second reason could be the limited training facilities. The training facilities usually have limited number of seats and infrastructure, so training all the candidates in one go isn't possible. That's the reason TCS will send joining letters to candidates in batches. Most of the level A colleges are sent joining letters earlier (I've even heard that this is alphabetical, but I'm not sure). So the best thing to do is to enroll yourself in a course and keep waiting for the joining letter to arrive.
@lal • 20 Nov, 2012 Three of my friends placed in TCS, joined the company by past two months. Two of them joined in October in Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram and the third joined this month again in Thiruvanathapuram.

According to them, everyone who got placed along with them have joined the company in the past two months.
@Chinu1 • 13 Dec, 2012 Joining date of TCS is in JAN-MAR 2013. All the best...
@Ubuntu • 13 Dec, 2012 My seniors (2012 batch) who got selected for TCS got their joining letter. Most of them joined in November.
@Ashish Bardhan • 05 Jan, 2013 I got recruited from TCS on October 4, 2012. Within a day, they've given me the offer letter for the post of Assistant System Engineer-Trainee in Grade Y in their portal, which I've already accepted. 😀

Still haven't got my posting date and location though. :

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