TCS Coming To Campus & Final Year Project Is Yet To Begin - What To Do?

One of our CEans wrote the following question to me via PM. I usually ask everyone to post their questions on the forum so that larger audience benefits. Here's the question -

sir i am in a problem now....
i hope u could give me a piece of advice...
i am a final ece student...actually i have to do my miniproject after third year (in holidays) but as my team members wanted to attend GATE classes in holidays we planned to do it after the start of our final year(now)thinking that oncampus placements starting from december...but suddenly now we came to know that TCS is coming for recruitments on september 18...and till now we didnt start our miniproject..we decided what project to do and bought all the requirements but didnt start so week onwards we have exams ..our exams get winded up by september 8th...

my problem is that in interview definitely the panel asks me about the miniproject ...theoretically i am preparing to answer the questions the panel may ask me..but i feel that practically without doing the project will i be able to answer the querries asked by them...
please do advice me to prepare?????


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    My response is as follows -

    First of all, there's no need to worry. If they ask you about the project, then you should inform the truth - that you've the basic information and components ready and are about to begin working on the project. If they go deeper in your project and why you haven't begin it, you will have to back it up with solid reasoning.

    I'm quite sure you have the basic information about your projects working, concepts, technology involved. You can inform the interviewers about the current status of the project and let them ask questions about it.

    The bottom line: TCS recruits in bulk. Don't take the interviews too seriously. Everything will be fine. Just be confident and face the interview.
    The interview takes place in the following format.

    Aptitude tests: It has negative marking. (+1, -1/3)

    Technical interview: It asks about various technical questions related to your field. But they would prefer honesty. Do not take much tension. Appear with proper technical knowledge and be confident.

    Pressure interview: They will try to pressurize you. They will make you feel like you are dumb and deaf and you are good at nothing. You just have to stick to your points and maintain that you are best suitable for job. 😀

    HR interview: It asks normal HR questions like explain your self etc.

    My tip: Do not forget to post your experience because you are going to be selected. 😀
  • monujatt
    dear they also know its almost starting of can tell them about the projects done in 2nd year(mini projects during summer vacations) and more importantly clear Data structure, (c,c++,java),DBMS,computer network and computer architecture basics...Also visit for last year aptitude exams.... cz most of the questions are exactly same,even no change in it is a mass recruiter company...just go with confidence and go with the knowledge and things which u have learnt so far.....and be aware speak truth only(key of selection....) of luck.......😀
  • tutu_anand
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