Tata safari Storme explorer edition launched

As you know Tata showed the
Explorer edition at the Horizonext
event held on June 19th and now Tata has launched it officially at a price tag of INR 10.86 lakhs .
Tata safari storme explorer is nothing but a old safari with few additional addon features.It all comes with a new enhanced exterior decors such as new tail lamps,headlights,front nudge guard,branded door visors,etc.It comes with a 2din touchscreen infotainment and whats attractive is it acts as a display for reverse parking camera.
It comes with state of art leather seats,GPS,roof mounted canopy,etc.
Tata had said that the additional features comes at a extra price of INR 57,000.

With no mechanical upgrades do you like to go for the update?

source: indianautosblog.com/2013/08/tata-safari-storme-explorer-edition-93029


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