TATA Photon Max Dongle Speed Is 6.2 Mbps. Priced At Rs. 1700 In India With Lifetime Validity

Tata DoCoMo has launched a new dongle called the TATA Photon Max which is expected to deliver a speed of 6.2 megabit per second (mbps). Priced in India at Rs. 1,699 the Tata Photon Max is going to be made available in all key metros and mini-metros in a phased manner within financial year 2014 - as was shared by Tata DoCoMo’s Mobility Business Unit Head for Mumbai, Aditya Gupta with the Press Trust of India. Calling it the one-of-kind wireless broadband service, the company offers new customers Photon Max internet usage of 10 Gb for 30 days on a one-time recharge of Rs 300.

So, currently the Speed offered is: Up to 6.2 Mbps (Downlink) and Up to 3.6 Mbps (Uplink). The TATA Photon Max operates at a frequency of 800 MHz which can penetrate better even through building walls and hence can offer superior indoor connectivity. Additionally, No additional roaming charges across cities in India where Photon Max network coverage is available. Automatic switch over to speeds up to 153.6 Kbps (Photon Whiz Speeds) in non-Photon Max regions. In Maharashtra, the for a monthly Rental of Rs. 1000, you get a Bundled Usage of 3 GB with a Validity of 30 days.


The company has launched the dongle in Mumbai, Rest of Maharashtra & Goa and the service is offered on its CDMA network, which is considered to have seen less traction in the country. "For the first time ever in the industry, Tata Docomo Photon Max will offer lifetime validity to its pre-paid customers," Gupta said. Indian population, which seems to be constantly craving for better speeds, is going to give this new hi-speed mobile broadband a definite try. Tata Docomo Photon Max has a simply plug-n-play integration to quickly get started with. Speaking at the launch, Aditya Gupta said, "Today’s increasing demand for powerful and faster networks continues to inspire us to continually upgrade our network and service offerings and maintain our technological strength. This launch will further redefine the way customers experience fast internet, as it underlines the technological superiority of mobile broadband technology, which has become a rage amongst Internet-users everywhere."

Though we all know that the actual internet speed always depends on multiple factors like time of the day, number of simultaneous users, web page accessed etc. we have got high hopes from this particular mobile broadband service. If you are getting one of these devices for yourself, let us know your review in comments below.


  • micheal john
    micheal john
    Its really good news,
    the company offers new customers Photon Max internet usage of 10 Gb for 30 days on a one-time recharge of Rs 300.
    is traffic plan is 300 Rs/month? if it is so then i'm will to buy this dongle!!
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    All I wanna say is that 6.2 Mbps isn't enough. 😀
  • Jibak Baksi
    Jibak Baksi
    Just curious to know... Will TCS be providing this along with laptops for office use?
  • pravin jha
    pravin jha
    "monthly Rental of Rs. 1000, you get a Bundled Usage of 3 GB with a Validity of 30 days". It is way too much costly. Airtel offers 15GB data in 1449 rental with much better speed..
  • Jibak Baksi
    Jibak Baksi
    Just thought of sharing the below, in continuation to the specifications posted in the above thread:

    The Tata Photon Max aims at providing speedier, dependable connectivity and is driven by a Qualcomm Gobi chipset that flaunts a dual processor technology. Tata Photon Max targets to offer a multimedia-rich know-how side by side, along with over 6.2 Mbps. The Qualcomm Gobi chipset offers a one of its kind competence to send and receive signals from two diversified carriers at the same time, thereby conveying loftier modem speeds.
  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Well speed is okayish But are you sure that tata can assure 100% connectivity in highly populated metros

    I really doubt this

    The more denser the population the lesser the tower strength and this becomes a nuisance to all the pocket internet users all around Chennai
  • Ramesh Kumar Bohara
    Ramesh Kumar Bohara
    Tata Photon Max Store in Goregaon. Pls call us for any sales & service related inquiry on
  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    10 GB data usage at speed of 6.2 Mbps & after threshold 153.6 Kbps ? seriously ? Atleast keep 1 Mbps of data transfer rate after limit's been reached.

    Anyways, this plan is good for the people who need internet connection while travelling, but for home users, No plans can beat BSNL & MTNL plans, period!
  • prahu mac
    prahu mac
    i think it is recommended for business people not for home users here.
  • Ajay Pandey
    Ajay Pandey
    I think it is best plan in india...

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