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@Kaustubh Katdare • 20 Mar, 2015
Tata Motors' future cars, small as well as mid-size ones, will offer keyless entry and operations. The technology, called "Passive Entry Passive Start Systems" has been designed and developed by Germany based Marquardt will be made available to Tata Motors. The company has received its largest order from India last year and has decided to set up a research and development center in Pune, Maharashtra. Marquardt is the sole supplier of the system to a range of luxury car makers across borders and brands. Mr. Herald Marquardt, the CEO of Marquardt said that the new cars will roll out starting Q3 of 2016.

The new technology offers great convenience and security as well. The overall system comprises of an electronic key, an on-board computer, couple of sensors and locking system. The electronic key needs to be present inside the car for the owner to be able to enter and operate the car. The owner can start the car with a press of a button. If the electronic key gets lost, a duplicate key can be quickly generated using the car and owner data. The lost key can be easily disabled so that it can't be misused. Unfortunately, the system cannot be retrofitted.


The details of the contract between Tata Motors and Marquardt have not been disclosed. The order however seems to be of the tune of 'double-digit million euros' and the delivery is expected to be of 10K pieces. The company also intends to set up a manufacturing unit in Pune in the next five years. Till then, the products will be supplied from China.

Source: HBL
@Coral Jain • 21 Mar, 2015 It would be a remarkable turnaround for 'conventional' Tata Motors to add itself into the Marquardt's list of auto giants like Audi, Mercedes & BMW. After Harman Infotainment touch system in Tata Zest, the company doesn't seem to rest in adding more digital features to its vehicles. A big need for it in the growing competitiveness on four wheels.

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