MemberApr 22, 2014

    tata DOCOMO 3g DATA SIM

    i bought this 3g stick data plan sim from tata docomo distributor he din't took time to mention that this is a new one launched with all new plans now i would like to mention a few days earlier i was paying 250rs for a month plan of 2gb and at my place they just offered me a unlimited 3g plan for juss rs400 now i have been using this since last couple of days and since then its showing me 3070 remaining data its actually not changing which derives a conclusion that its gonna remain same as it is unlimited but the speed i am getting is 7.2mbps every single time i connect and my last week usage was around 7.4gb at the same speed. i would like to as if any one who is falling under the same situation of mine with this plan is there seriously a scenario of unlimited usage or is this going to stop very soon. juss like to mention the dongle is poton+ and a prepaid sim.
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  • smorgasbord

    MemberApr 22, 2014

    thanks for sharing.
    i might try as well
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