• Nayan


    MemberAug 8, 2013

    Task-Design a Dream Smartphone?

    Hey guys, we are daily discussing about the latest updates coming in smartphones. We try to judge the one we already have against the one we wish to hold. So here it is. A healthy task which will make you research a lot.

    Suppose you are offered all the resources and you are supposed to make a smartphone. Any specifications you want. You are free to choose the components from any of the existing phone models. The phone should be feasible. It means you cannot choose anything you want and put it together in a body. The components you select should be available in the market and they should be compatible with each other. It means you cannot choose ios6 to be put in a Lumia framework. The following should be the specifications you are supposed to provide. Lets see who makes the best phone.

    Dream Name of your model:
    Your dream manufacturer:
    Operating system opted (with version):
    Chipset config:
    Screen Size:
    Screen Type:
    Graphic processor specs:
    Sound Specs:
    Camera Specs(how many and how powerful):
    Looks like:
    Tentative Cost:
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