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Intruder • Oct 14, 2006

Target Shooting.

Hi Guys..

I was wondering if anybody is interested in Target Shooting using FireArms.😁

well my hobby is Target Shooting, i take part in Precision shooting and tactical shooting which use Handguns and Rifles.

Anybody with similar interests .. pls share your experiences.
xheavenlyx • Oct 15, 2006
Well, if I could get my hands on some type of hand guns then I'd love to try it out! But living in the middle east getting a proper licened handgun is not easy or cheap.

If you want to talk about First Person SHooter games this im into it! Though, I have felt some guns in my life, but never shot one in a range. Looking forward to it when I visit US or India.
jayaprakash • Oct 17, 2006
hi intruder,
what is meant by target shooting,help me
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 17, 2006
hi intruder,
what is meant by target shooting,help me
Intruder is the best person to comment on Target shooting (Intruder, please do 😀 ). But to satisfy your curiosity, here comes a quicky from me -

Target shooting involves shooting at a target using a gun. The target will be located at some distance from the shooter. The target will be divided into various rings ( the center being the 'bull's eye' ). You will be awarded points according to the ring which your target hits. The ring closes to the bull's eye (center) has around 8 points (not sure) and the outermost ring has 1 point (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Its similar to the dart game which I'm sure you must have played. That's all I know about target shooting 😁

-The Big K-
jayaprakash • Oct 17, 2006
Thank you Big K,
Good piece of infromation from you and it is the game played in video games i think so if not correct me .

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