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kadamsagar123 • Aug 28, 2007

Target Board for ARM7TDMI

Hello Friends!!!
I am working in Embedded Systems and am eager to work on ARM7TDMI but i am unaware about how to prepare a target board so that i can practise sample programmes on it. The Target Board is similar to the Emulator on which an ARM IC will be shouldered along with some LEDs for tracing the program.The emulators available in the market but i want to prepare it myself.
Please help me
Thanks πŸ˜•
xheavenlyx • Aug 31, 2007
You want to bloody prepare a dev board? You are most welcome to do that if you already know how to program an arm, and shouldnt be asking this Q. But if you are intermediate in programming a mc then making a board is not easy. Google this and keep reading! Try searching the following keywords (not all at once πŸ˜€:

DIY ARM dev board development embedded

Good luck and keep us posted with your progress.
kadamsagar123 • Sep 4, 2007
Thanks I will try doing it😁

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