• Shrikant Bedekar

    Shrikant Bedekar

    MemberJan 26, 2014

    Taliban By James Ferguson - A Book Review; When hell rose!

    Talib a word which literally means "one who seeks knowledge" and yet the word Taliban rings fear in the hearts and minds of many people instantaneously, a word synonymous for its public executions and oppression of women and girls alike. This book by James Ferguson a freelance journalist is complete with fascinating insights and vivid photos and traces the very origin and history behind formation of one of the most feared guerrilla warriors of the current decade. It gives fascinating account of the current situation in Afghanistan by the author himself and also of the people responsible for running this formidable group. This book does not casts aspersions on any of the parties involved, rather places history and facts form the point of view of the Taliban as well as their detractors.

    To the Weapons Of Mass Destruction used by U.S. to the most barbaric killings by Taliban, the book mentions the ideology behind the formation of Taliban, as to how and why a group of young students decided to form the most deadliest guerrilla force on the planet and plows ahead with great impetus with the arrival of U.S.A. and Osama Bin Laden in the picture. From the deadly battles with NATO forces to the disturbing and horrific accounts of murder and gruesome killings, this book gives you a rare glimpse into the life and times of the people of Afghanistan during the most terrible and violent times which saw humanity sink to the lowest and the people to suffer and rot in one of the most inhumane and insufferable conditions and live a life of misery, poverty and a life of HELL.

    Has any of you read this book? Do feel free to discuss your opinions and views on Taliban in replies below. I really look forward to reading your comments.
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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorJan 26, 2014

    The US must use their weapons or sell them so that there's a constant production of them and their industry survives. That's why there aren't wars on the US soil.

    The world's very different from the way it's 'shown'. The games big people play are beyond you and me.
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