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TheCoolDesiBoy • Aug 3, 2012

Take Your iPhone To Depths of 130 Feet With iGills Waterproof Case

In the recent times iPhone has already been taken under water but now it can go to depths of 130 feet when it is enclosed within the iGills waterproof case. This case has been targeted towards divers as its polycarbonate shell will make sure that their iPhone remains dry when they take it with them during dives.


As compared to any other simple case this one is actually smarter. It allows the smart phone to take photos and videos as it has reinforced glass lens at the back, it has built-in depth and temperature sensors. It has an app by which the diver can continue to operate the phone underwater. In terms of providing the diver safety it also monitors the time spent underwater, nitrox levels and alerts you if you are running short of your oxygen supply. The cost of this case is 330 dollars that makes it a really expensive accessory to your smartphone.

Via: Phone Arena

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