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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 10, 2008

Taare Zameen Par (TZP) Review


I confess that I'm not a big Hindi-Movie-Fan 😒 , but Aamir Khan's Taare Zameen Par is surely a must-watch.

Well, I'm sure most of you have seen the movie (if not, just close this page and go, watch the movie). What do you think about the movie?
Movie is exceptionally good 😀
i saw it twice just in a week time.
silverscorpion • Jan 11, 2008
Hi CEans,

I saw the movie twice and i liked it very much too... Especially, that small boy ishaan, his acting was great.
However, this also has some flaws in it. One thing troubles me. It's shown that his parents, his teachers at the old school and those at the new school, or anyone for that matter, except Aamir khan, knows nothing about dyslexia. Everybody is ignorant. That's a bit disturbing... otherwise, it rocks...
suyash • Jan 12, 2008
yes.. it is a bitter truth that most of the people in today's supposedly modern society are ignorant about dyslexia and how to cope with it...

Hats off to Aamir and his team for this wonderful masterpiece !!
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Feb 12, 2008
Awesome songs, excellent script, great direction and beautiful acting. They really have put in attention to detail. The way the child's mind is captured is just too good.

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