SWYP - The Touch Screen Printer With Editing

The SWYP concept of printing has been developed by designers at Artefact. SWYP stands for See What You Print. This concept brings the world of consumer printing to a different level. It uses touch screen to do everything from editing to printing.

As the screen is calibrated to the printer, users can get an idea of what exactly will be coming out. The touch screen will be used to preview the contents and edit them on the fly before printing even eliminating unwanted printing areas off the screen. Margin and scaling can also be adjusted with a single tap of the screen.



Now comes the question how do we print the documents. For this the printer has got a few connectivity features. This printer can print photos directly from Facebook and Flickr. The home screen can be personalised to create a network for online sources and even a camera can be directly connected to the printer wirelessly to select images and edit them before printing.

The printer itself has been designed to keep the concept simple. It depicts as a printer in a box. The SWYP's box design uses the lid as a scanner and it also gives an easy access to the ink cartridges and paper tray. The selection of ink icon reveals the ink level and other related information's. A unique point to be noted is that the printer doesn't have a power button but will power on and off with the opening and closing of the paper tray. Hope this concept gets to the production line and is ready for commercial use in the near future.

Check out the following video:

Source:Artefact | Product and UX Design, Strategy + Innovation


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