Switching from System Administration To Development


I am 2013 passout with Computer Science background.
I am working as a system administrator in a company and I am done certification only on MCITP.
I would like to switch to developing side no matter which language.
But many of my friends are saying it is very difficult to switch with experience as a system administrator.

What to do now? If it is possible to switch what certifications I have to do?
Please do suggest.


  • Devi_S
    😔Anyone please do reply to this mail. Give some suggestions. Please...
  • lal
    Oh yes! Now you have got an opportunity to prove them wrong!

    If you like to be a developer, you'll glow bright. The fact is, if you are passionate enough, nothing shall hold you back!
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Welcome to CE, #-Link-Snipped-# . Certifications might offer a marginal advantage to you, but your best bet seems to be finding a development role in the current organisation itself. Your first priority should be to look for opportunity in your current organisation and make sure that you're prepared with general knowledge of programming. Your educational background will be a big plus.

    Talk to your managers, team leads and HR people and tell them about what you wish to do. Have solid reasoning to back your wishes so that they're convinced that you'd be a better performer if given an opportunity in the development role.

    It's not *TOO* difficult to switch from system admin to development role. I've had a friend who did exactly the same; but it took him 2 long years to make the transition. He's doing pretty well as a developer because of his background in system administration.
  • Devi_S
    Hi all,

    Thanks for the reply.
    One more problem is I am working as third party and my bond period is till nov 15th,2015. So, will it effect my career?

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