Switching from IT Support [5 Years Exp.] To Software Testing

One of our CEans sent this query via contact us form and I decided to answer it here without disclosing the identity of the member.

I hv been working wid an engineering company as IT support from last 5 yrs. 1 yr training period, 1 yr probations n then confirmation. I started working as designer for some time, then worked as software developer for almost 1-2 yrs n then i did certification course in S/w testing. After my this yr's appraisal m planning to switch to different company. Will I be considered as a proper candidate for testing ? Also my decision to switch to testing is favourable for me ? Or am I late in making decision..m very much confused and worried..cuz afetr staying here for almost 5 yrs i dnt find any scope of progress by staying in this company. It is one of the top Engineering giant's of India and till now i was pretty satisfied wid work culture. but now i feel its high time to switch to diff company.. Please suggest and guide..
My response below:-

Given your background in IT Support, Development and Design; you should be a good candidate for software testing. However, before making a switch; I'd recommend you to talk to your colleagues or friends who're in software testing field and try to see what kind of jobs they're working on. I'd strongly advise you to spend some time understanding the software testing domain and see if it goes with your interests. You do not want to be in the same situation 2-3 years down the line as you are currently in.

Once you are absolutely sure that you wish to switch to software testing domain, you should build your profile and also do a certification in software testing. That should help build your profile and make your case stronger for a switch to QA. I'd also advice taking a software automation testing course and make yourself familiar with the most commonly used software testing tools and technologies viz. Selenium, QTP, PERL etc.

Staying in one company may lead to things getting mundane. But that shouldn't be the only reason to make a switch. If you aren't doing the work you love; you'll get bored in any company that you'll join. That's why it's important to explore the world of software testing as much as you can. We've a quite a big number of professionals from QA domain who'll help you with all your questions.

You should also explore switching to software testing project within your own organisation. If that's a possibility; nothing would be easier to get your hands on software testing!

I hope this answers your question and clears your doubts to some extent. If you are not comfortable replying here; you may ask your questions through email. The answers will however be provided in the public domain for the benefit of larger number of engineers facing similar situations in their career.

All the best!


  • VimleshMishra
    I am bit confused why does he want to switch S/W testing as he has developer experience also i am more intrested on what all PL or technologies, he got experience during his S/W development.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    #-Link-Snipped-# - It could be the IT Support profile which often leads to lesser salary increments. I do not want to generalise; but that's what the trend is. The reasons, of course, could be very different and personal.

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