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Stephenmccarth • Nov 28, 2008

switches and motors

Hi all, can anyway help me.. Im designing a pcb so that i can control the speed and direction of my dc and stepper motor. Problem is im not exactly sure of were and how to connect the switches for either motor. Probly sounds like easy stuff but tis is my first project im building on my own and dont want to make a mess of it so any help anyone can give me is v.greatly appreciated.Thanks!
bill190 • Dec 2, 2008
1st make a mess...

2nd make it nice and neat!

So first lay out your components on a table and connect everything with jumper wires, alligator clips, etc. See if it works. If not, re-arrange the wiring. This is called a "rat's nest"!

Then once you get everything working as you want it to work, THEN write down the wiring diagram and design the PCB.

Note that it is not uncommon to have the rats nest work perfect, but the nice neat PCB to not work at all!😀
Stephenmccarth • Dec 3, 2008
thanks bill190! ill dig out my old notes on rats nests😁 just out of curiosity my project mentor told me i could use an op amp or digital to analog converter? can anyone shed a bit of light on this?? also wanna mention that this site is great for help so thanks to everyone thats been replyn to me yer all a great help!!
bill190 • Dec 3, 2008
I would suggest getting the switches working first, then try a digital to analog converter. Or you might have more success with an Analog I/O card for your computer.

Search for Analog I/O card
yeah tats better,but do ya want to sue the same switches to control both the motors????
Stephenmccarth • Dec 4, 2008
thanks again bil for reply and im hopen to use different switches but everyting will be on the same pcb eventualy by the end of the colege year i want to be able to control these with switches through labview and maybe have sensors to tell me the speed direction etc on the pcb and the board... expect to hear from me asking for more advice😁😁
buddy, if your are using labveiw than there single DAC card is enough which is capable of performing multiple operations!!!!

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