Sutta"Sutta na milla", "Sutta na mila" is the latest song on every teenager’s lips these days. When I heard this song for the first time, my first reaction was “Oh! What a weird song”. I was surprised to know that the song was composed by a group of IIT students who released it illegally over the internet.
Anyway, I will not be discussing about the song or its composer. What I really want to emphasize upon is the term 'Sutta'.
'Sutta' as referred in Mumbaiyya language to what we know as 'cigarette', is a term which defines itself per se. No, No,No! Don't expect any facts and figures from me because I am hardly good at it. What I really want to share is my opinion on this nuisance. I want to share how I feel when walking down the footpath I find a group of people doing nothing but smoking, smoking and smoking; how I feel when I see a teenager sitting under a tree and lost in that puff; how I feel when I saw my trainer smoking - a young, pretty damsel smoking in front of her students; and how I feel when my best friend told me that he too, is not different from the entire crowd.
The question here is not whether the smokers are your best friends, your trainer, your relative or whoever they may be. The question here is why do they smoke? What makes them smoke? And what if they don’t?
When I asked these questions to a number of people their responses were 'for concentration', 'for fun', 'habit', etc. I was very puzzled. 'How can somebody need tobacco to concentrate?' 'How can somebody derive fun from it?'. If people need some medium to concentrate, that itself indicates how weak their willpower is.
I have, always, been of the opinion that people who fall prey to such activities have a very weak will power. Here, I would like to site an example. Four years back my brother used to live in Mumbai with his colleagues. All his roommates had the drinking habit, but my brother never got into it. He had been to US as well, but never kneeled down before this monster. All that had been possible because he had a strong will power.
Every day I watch a colleague smoke two to three cigarettes in an hour. I would like to stress here that he is a guy who is good at everything or should I say best at everything and also a good human being. Now, if we remove this one bad habit from him then won't he be a complete package? I don't say that everybody should be perfect. In fact, everybody has some bad trait but this is something that one is acquiring purposely and can avoid it.
I always wonder why cigarette packets contain this statutory warning 'Cigarette smoking is injurious to health'. If the government really wants people to refrain from this, then why does it allow selling this stuff? It should prohibit it completely. Just for the tax and revenue the government makes it people consume such toxicants.
Human species have been classified into different kinds. But I divide them as active smoker, passive smoker and non-smoker. Active smokers are those whose legend we have discussed so far, passive smoker are those who live in the vicinity of the active ones and the non-smoker are the rest barring the above mentioned ones. We as non-smokers have the possibility of shifting under these categories or else we can bring them under our category.
The decision is up to you.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    [Moving your post to CE - Blogs]

    Nice article ndhpndy. I think the poll doesn't make sense though. Smoking is good/bad? Do we have any examples where smoking was proved to be 'good'?

    -The Big K-
  • Prasad Ajinkya
    Prasad Ajinkya
    Good question asked by Biggie 😀.

    Waise, ndhpndy, it takes one to know one. The last 4 years of my life, most of my good friends, colleagues, room mates ... girl friend even have been smokers!! By now, I can assuredly tell you that I must have been exposed to the more dangerous secondary smoking. And umpteen number of times I have asked them, chided them, begged them as well to give it up. But, they cant ... so, I tried it ... a couple of times. Tell you what, it DOES make you more alert ... the immediate nicotine release is there ... you cant help it.

    Put yourself in somebody's shoes who is doing back to back nightouts for days on, high stress levels ... one sutta and the tension vapourises like the smoke which emanates from the ciggy. Soon, it becomes a habit, had dinner, have to smoke ... long meeting, have to smoke, exams going ... have to smoke. It then manifests from a behavioral tendency to an addiction, where you have to smoke to get out those jitters.

    Also, if they want to quit smoking, it cant be done instantaneously, it has to be done as a gradual process. I think even smokers suffer from cold turkey if the cigarette is taken away from them in one go. As for as the government is concerned, how can you expect them to put a ban on this product. Just imagine what will happen if such a law is passed into the market ... companies will go down who are into the distribution, production of this product. The financial implications will be very high, all for the cost of what? The cost of taking away the choice of a smoker to smoke or not legally.

    Imagine some other forum, where a smoker would say ... my individuality is being trampled on by the government 😀.

    So eitherways your govt. is being blamed ... might as well earn that money then ;-)
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Can't resist myself from posting! 😁

    I've been a passive smoker for about 3 years. I still hate the 'smoke'. Lots of friends have given up their hope of making me take that first puff.

    Smoking is bad - even for the cigarette manufacturers. Everyone knows that its addictive and does no good to your health. It increases the chances of cancer by almost 40%. Yet, people smoke.

    I've observed one very interesting thing. Almost all smokers believe that they are not addicted to smoking and can give it up any time they want. I'm yet to come across a friend of mine who has given up smoking.

    In the end, I too believe that its an individual choice. Spending money/time to deteriorate health doesn't quite go well with my common sense.

    -The Big K-
  • sha005
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  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    cn any one help me in suggesting ideas to finish my project

    am an electrical student am planning to do my project in high voltage distribution board pannel... i need some more real picture abt it if any one can help please mail me at #-Link-Snipped-#
    I wonder if our system is too complicated to understand for engineering students 😀 . Friends, we have a separate section for project ideas & seminar topics.

    And do not expect anyone to email you the answers.

    -The Big K-
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Argh, let me tell you all straight out.


    Why can't I just chill out at cafes instead of breathing in that friggin fume? If the dude wants to inhale all that in and still kill himself, at least do it in private. If he doesnt care about himself, he should care about others. He shouldnt bring others down with him. And what, smoker is too stressed and need a fix? Quit smoking and just get a damn nicotine patch. Or play basketball. Or play a computer game. Something than wont hurt other people. Please.

    I feel sorry for people who have asthma who have to face these unfair smokers.

    Anywayz, I won't hesitate to (politely) request others who start smoking to just hold for a while until I finish eating/drinking. If he acts all defensively and rude.. well, I'll just whoop his *ss.

    [EDIT]: Who are the ones who voted "yes" in the poll? *gets ready the baseball bat*
  • crook
    [EDIT]: Who are the ones who voted "yes" in the poll? *gets ready the baseball bat*
    😁😁 time for some action on CE!

    [edit]: Selects No on the poll. There are two Yes's on the poll!!
  • andjam
    There are a lot of problems associated with smoking which people face like problem with respiratory system, heart and many more. helps you to get over this smoking habit and before you can make up your mind about using it, you can google it. It works on the body by giving you the same feel good effect as smoking and hence reduces the craving for nicotine. There is one thing which I would like to share and which helped me a lot initially, try having a glass of water when you feel craving the most. It a tough road but it's worth so best luck to all those who want to give up smoking.

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