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suresh79 • Nov 25, 2012

Supercharging and turbocharging

supercharging and turbocharging always increase the efficiency of an engine...can any one please explain me why only few cars are using this technology..(mostly small cars wont use)
Saugata • Nov 25, 2012
First of all these are very costly technologies and are necessary in engines where high power output is desired. They increase the amount of air sucked into the engine. So, you don't fine them in small cars. Apart from these you can find there usage in vehicles running at high altitudes where the air is very thin and a lot of air has to be sucked in the engine to get the desired fuel-air ratio.
sweet_honey • Nov 25, 2012
As Saugata said, these are costly technologies so they are not used in small cars.

Also they are used in F1 racing cars which need to acquire high speeds in less time.
In India, that much speed is not required (also can't be attained with such roads😛 ) so there is no need of superchargers in small cars.
Jeffrey Arulraj
Jeffrey Arulraj • Nov 26, 2012
Turbochargers are commonly used along with NOS technology that makes your car more like a racer than a driver
but what is the difference between the two terms- supercharging and turbo charging. Also, I would like to know the usage of a battery in any automobile.

does supercharging/turbocharging compensates for the battery usage?

please explain..
sweet_honey • Dec 24, 2012
Supercharger compresses the fuel-air mixture after it leaves the carburetor and is directly driven from the engine.
Turbochargers deliver compressed air to the inlet of carburetor and takes the energy from the exhaust gases.
They don't compensate for the battery usage but help to increase the performance of the vehicle.
white_hat • Dec 28, 2012
Definition of supercharging is, process to increase the air density inside the combustion chamber.A turbo charger is nothing but a supercharger , where the air compressor is driven by an exhaust driven turbine.
Petrol engine passenger cars are not supercharged because supercharging in petrol engine increases the tendency to knock at high engine loads.
But diesel powered cars are supercharged, supercharging a diesel engine reduces knocking tendency.
G.D • Jan 23, 2013
supercharging increases the power o/p of the engine and not the efficiency.
there are many automobiles in India which use this technology; eg. Chevrolet Cruise which has initial turbocharger (it has got 160 BHP o/p at rated rpm), many other engines have TURBO.
P.S (supercharging does increases 'volumetric efficiency.')

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