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Topic of todays issue!!!

Is Internet is a Boon or Bane...if u choose any of your suggestions....Elobrate it!!!!!!


  • Jerry
    I didn't understand the topic of debate ๐Ÿ˜• . Can anyone elaborate on it please?

  • ish_nalini
    SOrryyyyyyyy all of you due to inconvinience pf topic i renamed it!!!!!!!!!
  • Jerry
    Internet is a boon or Bane? Nice topic, I must say. This is one of the questions which are difficult to answer.

    Internet is a boon: Yes, it brings the world closer. Imagine the pre-Internet world? There were no wikis, no googles, no abouts, no ebays! Internet makes it easy for everyone of us to communicate and form online communities like CrazyEngineers ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Internet is a bane: It destroyed the social life. I know Internet addicts who spend 8 hours everyday on the Internet browsing useless websites. It made easier to spread viruses & trojans. Pornography spread like anything through Internet.

    For me, it all depends on how you use the Internet.
  • ishandoshi
    Totally agree to what Jerry said.hats off to u๐Ÿ˜€...well said...
    It can be termed in both the ways and completely depends on an individual as to how he uses it.Life would be hard without it but taking undue advantages sometimes prove costly.
  • Neha
    Internet, one thing that can change your life n the change depends on how you use it. As Jerry explained, Internet is a boon, as considering pre Internet days, there were hardly anything we knew about but its Internet only that lets you explore different things, simply by sitting in front and relaxing. Moreover, there is a vast knowledge available on each n every topic you can think of. You can do anything you want just sitting at home like shopping, banking etc. I guess there is no need of explaining how Internet is useful in communication.
    Internet is a bane due to certain reasons explained by Jerry earlier. So, it depends entirely on how you use it.
  • aashima
    Nice topic!
    Well every coin has two sides. Similarly every new invention has its own positive and negative fronts. But to choose between boon and bane, I would rather rate internet as BOON.
    The faciliteis internet provide, the convinience and the capabiliteis it delivers surpasses, in one way or the other, its drawbacks. Thats true that with the incoming of internet, viruses are more prevelant, but then we have our newer and more efficient virus-combating softwares as well.
    Hacking if we consider a negative aspect of the internet, then we have read Dan's interview on CE and he gets paid for being a hacker!!
    Mass communication providing faster and easy means, cotrolling various departments of different industries be it big or small, online registrations, more-than-suffiecient knowledge on a single topic required, development of new softwares, techniques, use in entertainment world and the list goes on.. with large scale implementations of internet, I suppose it rests as a boon.

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