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@foryouavi • 31 Mar, 2009
hi ....

i am looking for summer training in any reputed IT sector companies like HCL.
please help me.................
@Kaustubh Katdare • 31 Mar, 2009 Don't you think you should tell us about your location preferences? HCL's got offices in many countries, as far as as I know.
@foryouavi • 31 Mar, 2009 hi ......

i am looking or summer training in the field of .NET from HCL .
please send me the information regarding HCL training centres located in chandigarh or New delhi.........
@Kaustubh Katdare • 31 Mar, 2009 Threads moved and merged.
@Gurjeet Singh • 07 Apr, 2009 hi........i am looking for summer training........which one be good option php
or network security
@Anil Jain • 07 Apr, 2009 Fellas before putting in your questions its good if you give some background of your eductaion.

like College name, in which year, branch you are studying.. and in which domain you are looking for training, these information will be helpful for you guyz in getting suggestions.

@jatin-phoenix • 13 Apr, 2009 you can get training in hcl delhi. u'll have to come to delhi and talk to the people concerned. i couple of my buddies went to hcl noida and got training in java.
@sohillove2010 • 19 Feb, 2010 i am looking for summer training in any reputed IT sector companies like HCL.
please help me................
@sohillove2010 • 19 Feb, 2010 i want training from HCL technology situated at Noida
@Siddhartha.subha • 19 Feb, 2010 i am a student of Jadavpur University, civil engineering department. I am desperately looking for a summer training in may-june,2010.please help me out
@stupido • 21 Feb, 2010 Summer Training in Network Security

Friends you can do the training at IMT Ghaziabad on Network Security. Some of my friends did the same training at IMT Ghaziabad last year. For your information IMT is one of the TOP MBA colleges in India. IMT is conducting two sessions this year one from may 15th to 8th june another from 8th july to 31st july. You can also do the same training at BITS-Pilani Goa campus or at LNMIIT Jaipur campus for details search for Nettech at Google or search IMT ghaziabad summer training you will get enough link.
@n090985 • 22 Feb, 2010 hey can you tell what is this nettech? any company oe institute or what???
@stupido • 22 Feb, 2010 Re: Summer Training in Nettech

Nettech is a company, but the dont do any training of their own, the associate with the best academic institutions in india and provide training jointly. So the students gets best of two world, academic as well as industry experience.

Nettech has conducted training in association with IIM Calcutta, IIT kharagpur, IIT kanpur, XLRI Jamshedpur, SMIT Sikkim. the best of the best Education brand in india.

This year they are conducting training in association with IMT ghaziabad, XIM Bhubaneswar, BITS-Pilani Goa Campus, LNMIIT Jaipur and BIT-Mesra Kolkata Centre.

do a small search on google you will get enough search results.

Good thing about them they only do networking, (which i like the most), they dont do anything else, full attention on a single track like, best of the best professionals to do the job.

😁Let me tell you a best secret, they have this T10 test (like our new cricket avatar t20) its ten minutes ten marks test. boss - it will make you crazy, working against time is the best thing about there training process. there are lot many video available at you tube you can search as nettech.

have fun. do some basic study before joining, they have given the course work on their site, go prepared you will have fun. i will strongly suggest to carry your own laptop if you are joining them, you can have more trouble shooting with your own setup.

do let me know your feedback.
@n090985 • 23 Feb, 2010 @stupido.. thanks dude for this information ...but friend tell me one thing i am in final year btech(cs) student there any benifit i will drive out of it ... in respect of job perspect, resume add on etc etc... also job chance increment...
@rishub.vishal57 • 25 Feb, 2010 i have already passed my engineering.can i go for the there any fee for that..i am in email id is inform me about that.
@stupido • 25 Feb, 2010 Summer Training with NETTECH

Dear rishub, thanks for replying, please Note NETTECH is a company, They dont do the training of their own, they associate with various Premier Academic Institution in the Country and do the training.

Its on a first come first serve basis, you need to register on their website, search Nettech in google. you will get the site address. As far as fee is concern, last winter program in Kolkata they did, the fee was rs. 6000/-. I think they have the same fee this time also, please check at their site, you will get the latest. They have a process where you have to send Rs. 3000/- as registration fee and the rest is on the first day of the program.

Please check the site on the fee charges, i am sure it should be the same 6000/- as it was for the winter program.

Please do post back, your feedback on the course, i am sure you will be get benefited.

all the best.

i have already passed my engineering.can i go for the there any fee for that..i am in email id is inform me about that.
@subh_kumar • 29 Mar, 2010 Hello, I am looking for summer training in or near jharkhand. Can you please provide me the required information.
Subham kumar
B.Tech 3rd year

@yashab • 20 Jul, 2010 i am a student of third yr (cs branch).i am looking for summer training in reputed company in delhi like hcl...plz tell me how do i go about doing that....or what is the procedure of applying for training in reputed companies.
@Akanksha136 • 08 Aug, 2010 i m 3rd yr student of IT Branch. i want to get training in HCL in new delhi or noida. please tell me how do i get in?? n me details of some training courses available there?
@heena shrma • 18 Mar, 2011 hi stupido i wanna now that how much they r better rather than other companies.........
pls tell me other sources for summer training.........
i m a B.Tech 2nd year student..............😀
@*pushkar* • 19 Mar, 2011 i did my training from hcl cdc mohali in I just taught us project and many times there were no classes. my rating is 2/5 but my friend did from noida hcl cdc and he told us that they were very nice. Gave bag & books and taught very well
@Kevin1980 • 19 Mar, 2011 Summer training camp at APPIN at Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.
Data Security and Ethical Hacking courses are the best here. Good value and good possibility for a good job.
@ajay kumawat • 30 Mar, 2011 hello
i m from jaipur...b.tec (sixth sem) IT student
i want to do summer trainging from .Net and i want to know about summer training in HCL in New Delhi.
pls tell me about it...
@ashutoshsofty • 01 Apr, 2011 all hail engg.
@himanshu monu • 02 Apr, 2011 hai........ i am student for 2nd year . iwant to training in HCL; gorkhpur. please suggest for me.
@SahniMansi • 26 Mar, 2016 Hi
I'm a third year student of (Computer Science) .. Graphic Era University (Dehradun). I want to get my summer training in the field of Java in HCL Noida . Can you please tell me the address as I have to fill this entry in my traing letter.

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