Suggestions on microcontroller for Senior Design

Hi. I'm starting the planning on my Senior Design project, and am wondering if anyone can recommend a good microcontroller.

My project is basically going to have two ultrasonic sensors that would be used to check the side blind spots of a car. I am hoping to use a microcontroller that has a built-in analog to digital converter with maybe 3 serial ports and a parallel port. Can anyone recommend a good one to use? Thanks in advance for any help.


  • vissin
    Perhaps (considering it's your first project of this sort and that you want ATD inbuilt) you can use PIC controllers. However, 3 serial ports will be hard to get by. You can easily find 2 though. Parallel port is something that you'll have to make yourself from available DIOs or the data bus of the controller.

    Check the catalogue at PICs website Smart | Connected | Secure | Microchip Technology... use the product selection tool.
  • desijays
    I second vissin. PIC's are the way to go. You could use the 16f877a. It has inbuilt ADC and it has I2C, SSP and the USART and for the parallel port you could do what vissin suggested although the 16f877a comes with parallel port on PORTD.
  • SAI008
    I think AVR will suit u as it has built in analog to digital converter and also u are using fever number of ports it will be enough for u
  • sanih
    avr is very good for you.
    you can use atmega128 with alot of ports and a2d and ...
  • elric
    You will find equivalent MCU's for your need with PIC and AVR, its more a question of which one you are used to using, i would say go ahead with an atmega128, AVR also has opensource toolchain ๐Ÿ˜

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