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lee.sean3 • Apr 3, 2008

Suggestion for website host

Hello All,

I would like to host my site, I have seen many hosting review sites.....I have noticed that thehost-review giving in depth knowledge on hosting companies and hence it did not take me long to decide. It is the best review site I have so far seen. I would welcome any suggestion and help.

Sean Lee.
friendster7 • Apr 3, 2008
Re: Rate my website design

hey no advertising allowed here..sorry will be deleted
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Apr 3, 2008
Hi Sean, if your intent was to advertise the website, you are given a warning 😉 If not, my apologies! In the mean time, I'll leave this thread open so that others can give their suggestions 😀 Will move this to the IT Help section
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 3, 2008
Ash, we have a case study here 😁

We all are victims of the thing called "smart advertising". Left part of our brain says that its an ad, the right part of the brain says its just a request/suggesetion.
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Apr 3, 2008
Indeed 😉 I should have just googled for it. Its been posted everywhere, lol. Why don't you close this thread.. *ahem*.. *hides in corner*
arunbasillal • Jul 6, 2008
@ The big K
Wow.. thats a cool way to see a problem. Attitude really matters

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