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tashirosgt • Feb 20, 2010

Suggested project topics should be more than a title

It is relatively easy to string together some words to make a project title.

For example:

1. Applications of genetic algorithms to reinforced concrete design
2. Concrete design of genetic algorithm applications
3. Reinforced design of concrete genetic algorithms
4. Genetic concrete algorithm design applications

However, I think that a useful project suggestion needs to be more than a title.

If people desire to give long lists of project titles, they should at least give a link to further information about the title. It should pertain to to the topic suggested, not simply to the fields mentioned in the title. For example if the project is "Application of genetic algorithms to reinforced concrete design" there should be a link or reference to some paper that applied a genetic algorithm to a problem of designing something involving reinforced concrete. It isn't sufficient to provide a link to the subject of genetic algorithms and another link to the subject of reinforced concrete design.

If a title refers to a project that has never been attempted, then I think the person suggesting it should give some specific ideas about how to do the project.

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