suggest project topic

hello frnds,,i am mca student.....n for my semester i want some new project topic......which is recently going that i will help in my carrer....but i dont find any good project topic...i want to make it in using c# kindly if u have some idea related to project den plzzzz let me know.........monica saxena


  • Reya
    Whats your area of interest??
  • monica saxena
    monica saxena in c#......taken as a front end and oracle as a back end.....
  • Reya
    @Monica: I'm asking about the domain like Advanced computer architecture,data mining,networks etc.

    In which domain do you want to do the project??
  • buzzparas
    hi monica ,

    designing any VAS(value added service) application for telecom operators will outshine your career, today telecom companies are full of VAS services and if you are capable of adding another one , it may go hand to hand.

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