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@chetan HC • 03 Aug, 2011
hello guys. this is chetan n i m a mechanical engg.
i m planning to have a magazine for our branch can u suggest me some names........ n even some tips to make it more interesting
@Anoop Mathew • 03 Aug, 2011 Re: on collage magazines...........!!!!!

Hai Chetan,

Nice initiative. What do you have in mind? Is it going to be a magazine completely related to engineering or is it for publishing articles, poems, drawings, etc?

Make sure that you edit it well before publishing, especially if it's creative ideas that you want to display. Also the process is not going to be any easy, so keep a good content column. If you have a lot of similar topics, mix them up with other content on different pages.

Also make sure that the fonts are legible enough and strike the eye. Do not go for a lot of crazy fonts. Try to separate only the fonts in the title section, the rest you can use a common font.

If you are including pictures, make sure that you set the pixel rate properly or else you'll be in for a shock after the magazine gets printed. As for the content, do not copy and paste. Try to include own ideas, but make sure your department in-charge sees that the content is proper.

The rest is all up to your talent and interest.

As for the name, i'll suggest it once you give me the description of your magazine.

@chetan HC • 04 Aug, 2011 Re: on collage magazines...........!!!!!

hi anoop,
my magazine is not about extra cricular activities in collage campus. but it would deal about new innovation, ideas ,tech n stuffs related to these...(as u said it would more related to engg). i would even like to include about career n scope in engg.
@Ankita Katdare • 04 Aug, 2011 Re: on collage magazines...........!!!!!

We had started a magazine in our college for computer science department. We called it 'The Byte'
Is your magazine for all branches or only for mech department?

PS: Thread moved to appropriate section.
@ISHAN TOPRE • 04 Aug, 2011 • 1 like Considering the above suggestion that the magazine will be technology oriented (mechanical oriented) give it a name which will make it sound like technology. For example, our department magazine is called "The Differential" and College magazine is called " Catalyst"

As you are going to include career related things too, it should look like you are trying to "make a difference" for students. So how about naming your magazine on a word synonymous to *Change*?

P.S: A brand name is permanent. Think thrice before choosing it. 😀
@chetan HC • 04 Aug, 2011 Re: on collage magazines...........!!!!!

ya its for mech department......
can u suggest me some names n also so tips on magazine editing.......!
@chetan HC • 04 Aug, 2011 ya i agree, but i need a name that sounds technical......
do have any in ur mind?
@Anoop Mathew • 04 Aug, 2011 how about The MegaStroke or the The MechaStroke?
@Reya • 04 Aug, 2011 Megastroke sounds cool 😀
@Reya • 04 Aug, 2011 How about mechassualt?

Is there any magazine in that name?
@chetan HC • 05 Aug, 2011 ya thats fine. how about speakmech or mechzines????????
@Ramani Aswath • 05 Aug, 2011 Mech Ingeneuer

Infinite Ingenuity
@Anoop Mathew • 06 Aug, 2011
Mech Ingeneuer

Infinite Ingenuity
Well that's going to take some time pronouncing it correctly. Megastroke will do.
@Anoop Mathew • 06 Aug, 2011
chetan HC
ya thats fine. how about speakmech or mechzines????????
That sounds less 'technical'.
@chetan HC • 07 Aug, 2011 guys how about mechzines or speakmech....?????
will it be fair
@Ankita Katdare • 07 Aug, 2011 Make it 'Mechazine'. Sounds just like Magazine & it is technical. 😀
@chetan HC • 09 Aug, 2011 fine thank u guys
hii guys..this is vaishnavi krishna from computer science planning to start a college magazine in our college.Its going to have latest tech updates,our college updates,campus placements and entertainment(music ,sportsetc.,) I would like to take all the help regarding name of the magazine and any further suggestions in the content
@Shailaja Tiwari • 24 Mar, 2014 • 1 like What about Virine? i.e. combo of virus and magazine....
@Anoop Mathew • 24 Mar, 2014 • 1 like If it's a magazine about your department, then these might help:

(Coder Intensiveness)
CodeRev (Coder Reviews)
PYSCODE or PSYCODERS (Psycho Code/Coders)

What's your college name? Can mess with it as well.😘
@Kaustubh Katdare • 24 Mar, 2014 Illuminati - I think that name's got some attitude! 😀 Should be a great for for any college magazine name.
@VAISHNAVI KRISHNA • 25 Mar, 2014 guys its actually going to represent my college not in particular branch am thinking something like colleze buzz,vision express etc., but looking for a unique and striking name... hope u got my point.
@Anoop Mathew • 25 Mar, 2014
guys its actually going to represent my college not in particular branch am thinking something like colleze buzz,vision express etc., but looking for a unique and striking name... hope u got my point.
DIdn't get your college name yet. Could suggest with it.
@Ankita Katdare • 25 Mar, 2014 How about Zeitgeist?
It means spirit of the age or spirit of the time.
@Anoop Mathew • 25 Mar, 2014
1.rvrjcICON : RVR&JC Intra College Open Newspaper

- or you can come up with another abbreviation.
Eg: RVR&JC Infortainment of Collected Opinions and News - (you can do better)

2.The Collegio

3.The Monthly
@bhargavs • 22 Sep, 2014 i too wana magazine name for computer science deoartment.........
@athira mohan • 25 Jul, 2015 • 1 like make it ''MECH VEDA''
@Alagu lakshmi • 25 Sep, 2015 Hi this is abarna and i am the student co-ordinator of the English club in charge of selecting a creative name for the Magazine which is fully based on creative articles contributed by the students. Ineed a catchy and classy name for the magazine...
@divya kolli • 26 Jul, 2016 Hey this is Divya studying information technology .. Am planning to have an inter-college magazine which includes the happenings in and around all the colleges in the city(B.Tech)..
Do you think its a good idea ? and can you please help me with the name of the magazine and other relevant suggestions
@Ramani Aswath • 26 Jul, 2016 BangalorITian
@Kaustubh Katdare • 26 Jul, 2016 Few ideas -
  • B.Techie
  • B.Tech Insider
  • ITerator
  • class IT{}
  • Collegr
  • {CityName}Valley
Regarding the idea - it's good only if you could sustain it with great content. PS: Do not forget to mention about CrazyEngineers in your magazine 😀
@Vinay Mishra • 26 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

In an engineering college, the best name for magazine, which i think is 'CrazyEngineers'. But make sure to have copyright??

@Anoop Mathew • 26 Dec, 2019 • 2 likes

I am pretty sure that our young friends at CE would be having certain interesting magazines running at their colleges. Interested to know what people would be discussing these days for magazine names as digital technologies have advanced to a point where even trucks have been given names like the 'Tesla Cybertrukk' and 'MG Hector Internet Inside'

@Durgesh Srivastava • 26 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

There are some names of college magazines like-




Tech pulse

Inspire zone

I think it's helpful to u..

@Divisha Madupalli • 26 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

Well i can tell some names:


Virally vital 



Wire your fear 

@Kavya Burramolla • 26 Dec, 2019

Here are some of my suggestions: 

For Electrical magazine I’d suggest Elwitech mean electrical-wire-technology which relates basic terms of electrical department.

For Mechanical magazine I think MechCrate will work.

For Electronic magazine - Gatecol will be cool. The reason why Gatecol is electronics without knowledge of gates & Columbs cannot be. 

@Vinay Mishra • 26 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

Some more names that I suggest are:

1) CollegeBook.

2) TechZine.

3) Tech-Magazine.

4) YellowHelmet Engineers.

5) Open circuit.

6) TechBook.

@Jai Patel • 26 Dec, 2019

Following are some names :

1. Tech Jungle

2. Code Kingdom

3. Brain core

4. Box tech-talks

5. Soul 

6. Blast 

7. Pro tips

8. Hash 

9. Insider

@Mohana Chandra • 26 Dec, 2019

Some names of my choice ,with "tech"  :

Techno Spark

Tech Brainz

Neo Tech 

Tech Blast

Techno Builders

Tech designers

@Chebet Sarah • 29 Jan, 2020

Here are some:

  • Loop Mechanical
  • Radar Mechanical
  • Mechanicnetic
  • Mechanicorama
  • Apex Mechanical
  • Ignite Mechanical
  • Mechaniccouch
  • Mechanicshack

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