College Magazine Names Collection (with Tagline) - 2023

College Magazine Names Collection (with Tagline) - 2023

So you are planning to start a new magazine for your college and department? That’s cool. We have compiled a list of unique, innovative and cool names for your magazine.

We need a pinky promise: Do cover CrazyEngineers through your college magazine. It’s an amazing website for engineers that’s since 2005. It has a very cool founding story as well. Do contact us if you wish to write about us! :-)

Let’s go department wise.

Magazine Names for Computer Science

  1. ByteFrontier: Exploring the Boundaries of Code

  2. Kernel Chronicle: Where Systems Connect

  3. Quantum Query: Quantum Leaps in Computer Science

  4. Syntax Spectra: The Language of Innovation

  5. The Algorithm Almanac: Decoding Complexity

  6. Cipher's Symphony: The Art of Cryptography

  7. AI Anthology: Making Intelligence Artificially Natural

  8. Machine Learning Manifesto: Algorithms that Learn and Adapt

  9. Cybernetic Connect: Bridging Humans and Systems

  10. The Cloud Chronicle: Ushering in the Future of Computing

  11. HackTrack: Security in a Cyber World

  12. PetaByte Pulse: Big Data, Bigger Insights

  13. The Deep Dive: Data Science: Unravel the Mysteries of Data

  14. Virtual Vistas: Shaping the Reality of Tomorrow

  15. Blockchain Breakdown: Building Trust in a Digital World

  16. DevOps Digest: Bridging Development and Operations

  17. Source Code Serenade: The Music of Programming Languages

  18. Robotic Resonance: The Harmonics of AI and Mechanics

  19. The IoT Insider: Bringing Connectivity to Every Corner

  20. Neural Network Narrative: Mimicking the Mind's Mastery

for Electrical Engineering

  1. Ohm's Oracle: Lighting the Path of Power

  2. The Transformer Tribune: Changing the Current of Thoughts

  3. Watt's World: Powering Innovations

  4. The Grid Guardian: Ensuring Stability in Power Systems

  5. Circuit Catalyst: Sparking the Revolution in Electrical Circuits

  6. Power Pulse: Your Current Source of Power Engineering

  7. High Voltage Herald: Harnessing the Potential

  8. The Current Chronicle: Streaming Innovation in Electricity

  9. ElectroMagnet Mirror: Where Fields Meet Forces

  10. The Resistance Record: Ohm's Law in Action

for Electronics Engineering

  1. Silicon Scribe: Etching the Pathway to Progress

  2. Diode Digest: Directing the Flow of Innovation

  3. The Chip Chronicle: Power in Miniature

  4. Microprocessor Mirror: Reflecting on the Heart of Electronics

  5. Semiconductor Sentinel: Guarding the Gates of Technology

  6. Circuitry Cosmos: Where Tech Universes Collide

  7. Digital Dynamics: Bridging Analog and Digital Worlds

  8. The Capacitor Chronicle: Storing the Energy of Innovation

  9. The NanoNote: Downscaling Dimensions, Upscaling Possibilities

  10. Radio Frequency Review: Tuning into the Future of Wireless Communication

for Mechanical Engineering

  1. MechMarvel: Engineering Wonders in Motion

  2. The Gear Gist: Where Cogs Meet Innovation

  3. Kinetic Chronicle: Energy in Motion

  4. Dynamics Digest: Understanding the Motion of Progress

  5. Turbine Tribune: Powering the Future

  6. ThermoTheory: Heat and Work, Engineered

  7. AutoMecha: The Future of Autonomous Machinery

  8. The Fluid Flow File: Navigating the Dynamics of Fluids

  9. Structural Synopsis: Strength in Design

  10. RoboRealm: A Spectrum of Mechanized Marvels

  11. Precision Press: Accuracy Matters

  12. The Material Matrix: Engineering Strength and Durability

  13. Stress & Strain: Bearing the Load of Innovation

  14. CAD Chronicle: Designing the Future in 3D

  15. The Propulsion Post: Driving Forward with Force

  16. The Vibration Voice: Analyzing the Motion that Matters

  17. LeverAge: Advantage through Mechanical Ingenuity

  18. The Bearing Bulletin: Reducing Friction, Maximizing Efficiency

  19. Heat Transfer Herald: Engineering Thermal Equilibrium

  20. Energy Efficacy: Optimizing Work and Power

for Civil Engineering

  1. Concrete Chronicle: Shaping the Infrastructure of Tomorrow

  2. The Blueprint Bulletin: Laying Foundations for the Future

  3. Structural Stalwarts: Supporting the Framework of Progress

  4. GeoTech Gazette: Unearthing Innovations in Geotechnical Engineering

  5. Hydro Harmony: Balancing Infrastructure with Hydrology

  6. TerraFirma Tribune: Grounded in Civil Engineering Excellence

  7. Urban Utopia: Building Cities of the Future

  8. The Bridge Builder: Connecting Ideas and Innovations

  9. Environment Equilibrium: Engineering for Sustainable Living

  10. Surveyor's Spectrum: Mapping the Future of Engineering

  11. Infrastructure Insights: Engineering our World

  12. Civil Synthesis: Integrating Elements of Progress

  13. Seismic Sentinel: Engineering Safety in Shaky Grounds

  14. The Green Blueprint: Sustainable Solutions in Construction

  15. Landmark Legacy: Civil Wonders and their Creations

  16. Load Line: Balancing the Forces of Construction

  17. Reinforce Review: Strength in Structure

  18. Traffic Transcripts: Engineering Mobility in Urban Designs

  19. Construction Cosmos: Building the Future, One Project at a Time

  20. The Sustainable Structurist: Eco-friendly Approaches in Civil Engineering

for Chemical Engineering

  1. Reaction Review: Catalysts for Progress

  2. MoleConcept: Stoichiometry in Motion

  3. The Chemical Chronicle: The Art of Transformation

  4. Biochemical Beacon: Bridging Chemical Engineering and Life Sciences

  5. The Kinetic Chronicle: Reactions in Time

  6. Catalytic Conversations: Speeding Up Innovation

  7. Thermodynamic Times: Heat, Work, and Spontaneity

  8. Process Probe: Optimizing Industrial Procedures

  9. Polymer Pulse: Engineering the Chains of the Future

  10. The Material Matrix: Innovations in Material Science

  11. Equilibrium Express: Balancing Reactions, Building Future

  12. Fluid Flow Files: Dynamics of Liquids and Gases

  13. The Energy Equation: Powering Sustainable Futures

  14. Separation Synopsis: Perfecting the Art of Distillation and Filtration

  15. Nanotech Navigator: Scaling Down, Revving Up

  16. Green Chemistry Gazette: Sustainable Solutions in Chemical Processing

  17. Safety Spectrum: Prioritizing Health in Hazardous Work

  18. BioTech Bulletin: Pioneering Progress in Biotechnology

  19. Chemical Catalyst: Accelerating Changes in the Chemical World

  20. PharmaPhenomena: Bridging Chemical Engineering and Medicine

General Magazine Names for College

  1. EngiNexus: Bridging Boundaries in Engineering

  2. TechTranscend: Ascending the Peaks of Progress

  3. The Innovation Interface: Inspiring Ideas in Engineering

  4. The Pragmatic Prototype: Turning Ideas into Reality

  5. Design Dialect: The Language of Engineering Excellence

  6. Prototype to Product: From Concept to Creation

  7. The Efficiency Expert: Optimizing the Future

  8. The Problem-Solving Press: Engineering Solutions for the Future

  9. STEM Spectrum: A Kaleidoscope of Knowledge

  10. Innovator's Imprint: Leaving Marks on Tomorrow

  11. Applied Science: Where Theory Meets Practice

  12. Disruptive Design: Breaking Boundaries in Engineering

  13. The Tech Testament: A Chronicle of Engineering Innovation

  14. The Project Post: Milestones in Engineering

  15. Engineer's Ethos: The Spirit of Innovation

  16. Engineuity: Ingenuity in Engineering

  17. Blueprint Balance: Harmonizing Design and Functionality

  18. The Calculated Risk: Weighing Prospects in Engineering

  19. Synergetic Solutions: Integrated Answers to Complex Challenges

  20. Future Frontier: Pioneering the Horizons of Engineering


  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    Re: on collage magazines...........!!!!!

    Hai Chetan,

    Nice initiative. What do you have in mind? Is it going to be a magazine completely related to engineering or is it for publishing articles, poems, drawings, etc?

    Make sure that you edit it well before publishing, especially if it's creative ideas that you want to display. Also the process is not going to be any easy, so keep a good content column. If you have a lot of similar topics, mix them up with other content on different pages.

    Also make sure that the fonts are legible enough and strike the eye. Do not go for a lot of crazy fonts. Try to separate only the fonts in the title section, the rest you can use a common font.

    If you are including pictures, make sure that you set the pixel rate properly or else you'll be in for a shock after the magazine gets printed. As for the content, do not copy and paste. Try to include own ideas, but make sure your department in-charge sees that the content is proper.

    The rest is all up to your talent and interest.

    As for the name, i'll suggest it once you give me the description of your magazine.

  • chetan HC
    chetan HC
    Re: on collage magazines...........!!!!!

    hi anoop,
    my magazine is not about extra cricular activities in collage campus. but it would deal about new innovation, ideas ,tech n stuffs related to these...(as u said it would more related to engg). i would even like to include about career n scope in engg.
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Re: on collage magazines...........!!!!!

    We had started a magazine in our college for computer science department. We called it 'The Byte'
    Is your magazine for all branches or only for mech department?

    PS: Thread moved to appropriate section.
    Considering the above suggestion that the magazine will be technology oriented (mechanical oriented) give it a name which will make it sound like technology. For example, our department magazine is called "The Differential" and College magazine is called " Catalyst"

    As you are going to include career related things too, it should look like you are trying to "make a difference" for students. So how about naming your magazine on a word synonymous to *Change*?

    P.S: A brand name is permanent. Think thrice before choosing it. 😀
  • chetan HC
    chetan HC
    Re: on collage magazines...........!!!!!

    ya its for mech department......
    can u suggest me some names n also so tips on magazine editing.......!
  • chetan HC
    chetan HC
    ya i agree, but i need a name that sounds technical......
    do have any in ur mind?
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    how about The MegaStroke or the The MechaStroke?
  • Reya
    Megastroke sounds cool 😀
  • Reya
    How about mechassualt?

    Is there any magazine in that name?
  • chetan HC
    chetan HC
    ya thats fine. how about speakmech or mechzines????????
  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    Mech Ingeneuer

    Infinite Ingenuity
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    Mech Ingeneuer

    Infinite Ingenuity
    Well that's going to take some time pronouncing it correctly. Megastroke will do.
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    chetan HC
    ya thats fine. how about speakmech or mechzines????????
    That sounds less 'technical'.
  • chetan HC
    chetan HC
    guys how about mechzines or speakmech....?????
    will it be fair
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Make it 'Mechazine'. Sounds just like Magazine & it is technical. 😀
  • chetan HC
    chetan HC
    fine thank u guys

    hii guys..this is vaishnavi krishna from computer science planning to start a college magazine in our college.Its going to have latest tech updates,our college updates,campus placements and entertainment(music ,sportsetc.,) I would like to take all the help regarding name of the magazine and any further suggestions in the content
  • Shailaja Tiwari
    Shailaja Tiwari
    What about Virine? i.e. combo of virus and magazine....
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    If it's a magazine about your department, then these might help:

    (Coder Intensiveness)
    CodeRev (Coder Reviews)
    PYSCODE or PSYCODERS (Psycho Code/Coders)

    What's your college name? Can mess with it as well.😘
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Illuminati - I think that name's got some attitude! 😀 Should be a great for for any college magazine name.
    guys its actually going to represent my college not in particular branch am thinking something like colleze buzz,vision express etc., but looking for a unique and striking name... hope u got my point.
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    guys its actually going to represent my college not in particular branch am thinking something like colleze buzz,vision express etc., but looking for a unique and striking name... hope u got my point.
    DIdn't get your college name yet. Could suggest with it.
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    How about Zeitgeist?
    It means spirit of the age or spirit of the time.
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    1.rvrjcICON : RVR&JC Intra College Open Newspaper

    - or you can come up with another abbreviation.
    Eg: RVR&JC Infortainment of Collected Opinions and News - (you can do better)

    2.The Collegio

    3.The Monthly
  • bhargavs
    i too wana magazine name for computer science deoartment.........
  • athira mohan
    athira mohan
    make it ''MECH VEDA''
  • Alagu lakshmi
    Alagu lakshmi
    Hi this is abarna and i am the student co-ordinator of the English club in charge of selecting a creative name for the Magazine which is fully based on creative articles contributed by the students. Ineed a catchy and classy name for the magazine...
  • divya kolli
    divya kolli
    Hey this is Divya studying information technology .. Am planning to have an inter-college magazine which includes the happenings in and around all the colleges in the city(B.Tech)..
    Do you think its a good idea ? and can you please help me with the name of the magazine and other relevant suggestions
  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Few ideas -
    • B.Techie
    • B.Tech Insider
    • ITerator
    • class IT{}
    • Collegr
    • {CityName}Valley
    Regarding the idea - it's good only if you could sustain it with great content. PS: Do not forget to mention about CrazyEngineers in your magazine 😀

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