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@656 • 11 Oct, 2011
can anyone recommend me any simple and easy mechatronic projects.. ASAP.. really need it.. can't think of it.. tq.. 😀
@Rupam Das • 11 Oct, 2011 wireless screw jack

Automatic wiper control with rain sensor

Automatic Handbreak for cars

"to name a few simple"😁
@656 • 16 Oct, 2011 can u show me the way how to do it? really need it asap.. tq..

wireless screw jack

Automatic wiper control with rain sensor

Automatic Handbreak for cars
@Opara George • 01 Jun, 2016 I am in secondary school, year 10. I am a science student, i am usually bored. suggest me a personal project
@Ramani Aswath • 02 Jun, 2016 Good for you George. There are projects a plenty at the link below. The good thing is that they do not cost much. Many can be done with scrap material around the house. Yet they do involve basic principles of science and technology.
I have played with some myself with children and had loads of fun.

Toys from Trash

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