• Kaustubh

    MemberOct 10, 2008

    Suggest contest ideas!


    Our editor-in-chief, Mayur and I had a discussion over the phone regarding the nature of the contests that we run on CE. We discussed if we should keep the contests very easy with questions like "Fill in the blank: I'm ___, James ___".

    The advantage of having simple, easy contests is that we get a huge number of participants. But we don't want to follow the trend.

    We think CE's contests won't be easy; so that anyone with peanut-size brain can win. CE's contests will make you think, use your brain, give you sleepless nights et al. While we do care about the participation, we do not want to lower the standards.

    What do you think? What type of contests should we run on CE? What prizes do you expect for such competitions?

    Looking forward to your comments/replies.
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