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Abhishek Rawal
Abhishek Rawal • Oct 19, 2015

Sublime Text 3 For AVR Development

Been working on hobby AVR project since couple of days, I was looking for a nice plugin for Atom or Sublime Text 3, and after lurking ST package control I found this awesome plugin named "AVR" that literally makes AVR development easier.

- Select The AVR Project & Select the chip

Screenshot from 2015-10-20 08-19-40 Screenshot from 2015-10-20 08-20-47

- Select the directory and C template and makefile template will be generated.
Screenshot from 2015-10-20 08-40-08
- C templates and makefile templates from ST3

Screenshot from 2015-10-20 08-22-58 Screenshot from 2015-10-20 08-23-12

Write down your code and press ctrl+B, you can even change the compiler optimization level from Preference Settings of AVR package.

For more detail visit : kblomqvist/SublimeAVR · GitHub

Hope someone will find it useful.

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