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Struts in java

Question asked by jebaa in #Java on Apr 15, 2010
jebaa ยท Apr 15, 2010
hello CEans,

please tell me something about these struts.i am beginner...😎😎😎😎 Posted in: #Java
sookie ยท Apr 15, 2010
Rank C1 - EXPERT
Hi jebaa,

Please look at this if can give you some idea - Guides

To be more specific, it is a MVC(Model View Controller) based open source web applications framework. If you look at any J2EE application architecture, then you will find there are 3 basic tiers
1. Client Tier
2. Middle Tier
3. EIS Tier

Middle Tier contains a Web Tier as its sub tier. Just like any framework reduces developer's work just by providing some pre-done common tasks, struts help web developers by providing many common functionalities to the components of Web Tier layer.

Hope I gave you basic idea, rest you can go through tutorials and available on net and fire questions at me any time. One suggestion - Go for Struts2 only. Don't try to get confused by studying Struts1 unnecessarily.
sherya mathur
sherya mathur ยท Apr 21, 2010
Rank C3 - EXPERT
Struts is an application development framework that is designed for and used with the popular J2EE platform. It cuts time out of the development process and makes developers more productive by providing them a series of tools and components to build applications
with. It is non-proprietary and works with virtually any J2EE-compliant application server. Struts falls under the Jakarta subproject of
the Apache Software Foundation and comes with an Open Source license meaning it has no cost and its users have free access to

all its internal source code.In addition to helping you work faster and having no cost, Struts also helps make your end work products better.

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