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@koltanga • 22 Oct, 2011 • 1 like
I am a student at Pune University doing my B.E. in Mechanical Engineering in the 4th year.

Can you please suggest a good book that will explain neatly the process of drawing Structure Diagrams & Ray diagrams for designing multi-speed Gear Boxes

I am current using the book written by RB Patil & have got totally confused. Some diagrams are symmetrical while others are not

Please suggest a textbook that is easily available in the shop & will explain the proceducre to draw diagrams correctly.

Also when I Googled Ray Diagram and Structure Diagram of gear boxes, more than 99% of the result I got were from Indian Colleges and their syllabuses & question paper. What are Ray/Kinematic Diagrams & Structure Diagram called in colleges outside India, like UK or USA

Please help me. My exams start from next month & I have to score a distinction. Please help me. Please. Please. Please
@koltanga • 23 Oct, 2011 Bump. Anyone? 😔

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