• Are you scared of heights, yet want to fly? Say hello to StreetFlyer - the electric bike that lets you fly on three wheels a few inches above the ground. The initial StreetFlyer design was introduced back in 2011 and it was all a manual machine then. The rider would have to rely on the leg power to set the machine into movement. Though the machine looked cool on the Colorado School Of Mines campus streets; the students decided to update the machine with an electric motor, under the supervision of Dr. Mehring; eliminating all the physical efforts.


    There haven't been any major changes in the design of the StreeFlyer. The electric version of StreetFlyer has a 750W electric motor powered by a lead-acid battery. The vehicle does 13 km/h with rider weighing about 80 Kg. Dr. Mehring wants to increase the speed to about 32-40 Kmph and his team is already working on improving the overall stability of the system. One important part of the development would be lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle. Another update intended in design is a better gearbox and modified gear ratios. Alternative power houses are also being thought of to make it all possible.

    Students who rode the vehicle describe the experience as "flying-like"; with the speed 'felt' more than the actual speed; because of the proximity of the rider to the ground. Once the design updates are finalized, Dr. Mehring wants to launch a commercial version of the StreetFlyer in the next 2 years. We bet you'd definitely want to own one. Check out the StreetFlyer in action-

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