Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder) Expected A 256 GB iPad

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak says that the's not impressed with the new iPad Air. Instead of the specs upgrade; he'd have loved to see an iPad with higher storage capacity. He said that he looked at the device and it didn't hit his needs. He'd have loved to see a 256 GB iPad!

I thought for a while and think that Steve Wozniak does make sense. Apple's been going crazy after reducing the thickness of the device and also making the device more powerful. But that's not what everyone wants. People would use iPad to store all their photos and collections of videos so that they can enjoy them during travel or at places where they don't have access to their regular computers. If that's to be considered, an iPad with higher capacity would have been a welcome step.

Do you think Apple's new iPad Air is a disappointment?


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