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tejk007 • Mar 16, 2009

Stepper motor for 9v supply !! (URGENT)

Friends I am doing third year project of electronics. It is Microcontroller based infrared tracking robot. In my circuit diagram there are 2 stepper motors. There is driver IC 2803. The common terminal of motor is shown to 9v. So which motor should i use ???(6v or 12v ?) 9v stepper motor is not available in Indian market.6v will work or 12v will work?
(I think 6v will damage with 9v supply am i right ? then 12v will rotate with 9v supply ?)

Please post reply immediately !!

Thank you..
gohm • Mar 17, 2009
You either need a 9v motor or change the voltage to match
micromahesh • Mar 17, 2009
You step down the voltage for that particular motor alone. what is the problem

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