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Steganography in Audio Files using Java

Question asked by Manashree Thokal in #Java on Jul 2, 2012
Manashree Thokal
Manashree Thokal · Jul 2, 2012
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Steganography involves the method of acquiring insignificant bits in the audio file. The insignificant bits are acquired in the audio header and are replaced with significant bits of data.


Steganography has been used on a message, the viewer would not be able to tell that the message contains a hidden message within it. The data to be concealed is compressed and hidden within another file. The hidden message may be placed inside the white space of text messages or the dark areas of a photographic image, or within the unused portions of a audio file format. The first item needed for Steganography is called a carrier or a container. This can be a text file, graphic file or sound file which will host the message that is desired to be hidden.

In this project, Steganography is performed on audio files. When performing data hiding on audio, first the data is encrypted by password based encryption using DES algorithm to generate the cipher text. Now the cipher text is kept hidden in the audio file using low bit encoding method. When extracting the data from audio first cipher text is separated from audio then the plain text is generated by decrypting the cipher text.

  • Java
  • Encryption Techniques
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Jyoti Rai
Jyoti Rai · Sep 22, 2015
how to make the project and which software will be used
Farha Sultana
Farha Sultana · Aug 6, 2018

Can you provide source code for data hiding in audio file

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