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haseng • Feb 17, 2009

starting a communication engineering career

hi every one :smile:
i am a second year student in communication departement , faculty of engineering.
my problem is that :" i don`t know how to plan my career" πŸ˜’ .
you know when you are a student things are foggy and crowded and questions arrises from these kind :
what courses to take (out side the faculty...... supportive courses)?
is it better to target a specific jop or just jump in the battle and take any chance?
what apilities or skills i should have to guarntee a good jop skills that i must have?
i don`t want a detailed plan put i need some one to advise me how to think in it in an effective practical way........the way of thinking and planning is what i need because things is mixed up in my brain and next steps are usually foggy and not clear.
help me please​
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 17, 2009
Well, before you make any decision; it's advised that you clear up the mess in your head. To do that, you will have to take a break and find out what are your expectations from your career.

I believe it's too early for you to worry about your career. Since you are in second year, you have two more years in college and I advise you make the most out of it. Have fun, enjoy learning new things, try to be a better engineer, be innovative in whatever you try to do.

Once you start doing that, you'll discover your passion - and you'll also know what decisions to make in you career.

Right now - don't worry. Concentrate on studies and spend most of your time on CE learning from fellow engineers πŸ˜€
Ah, communication engineering? You have chosen a wise future, my friend πŸ˜€

One very useful supportive "course" is an Amateur Radio License. One doesn't have to be an engineer to have one, but having a Radio License greatly complements your communications degree and career, as well as giving you more options on the types of projects you can work on. It is also a great way to get involved with the local and international amateur radio scene. You can start applying for it immediately πŸ˜€

Since you are in Cairo, I believe this society is most relevant for you:
::: My Homepage :::

Apply to be a IEEE member as well. You'll have access to materials regarding anything related to communications, as well as career guides to assist you in choosing the sectors that you can join.

For now, as biggie said, focus on your studies. You'll start having interests in particular subjects, in which later you can research more about them. Communications is quite diverse, so its ok to be undecided at this point in your studies.

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