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sunrise • Nov 20, 2007

Standard Broadcast Antennas

can any one help to me to work this project in antenna course
Design of standard broadcast antennas to achieve a specified directional pattern.
The “standard broadcast” band is the AM radio band from 540 to 1600 kHz. Antennas for these radio stations consist of one or more tall towers, and are usually situated outside built-up areas. What is the specification for such an antenna? The station’s license will specify that the station must “protect” other stations on the same frequency in other cities. This limits the amount of field strength that can be radiated in certain directions, and so the antenna must maintain a directional pattern. How is the antenna designed to achieve the specification?
xheavenlyx • Nov 20, 2007
dude, do your research on Google, and come up with something, tell us what you have tried before making us do the whole thing.

Its a very very interesting Q but google this and see what you came up with?

Like: FCC or FM regulations or FCC FM specifications

but the best was when I searched FCC (Federal Communication Commission). Actually you should know what FCC is. Look behind any digital device and you will find a logo F(c something. They are regulatory board for electronics and wireless. So here are some links:

How to light up and paint your antenna 😀

Move down to antenna specs:

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