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what is the o/p:

char a='a';
printf("%d %d",sizeof(a),sizeof('a'));


  • sristi
    i guesso/p will be 2 and 1since printf executes 4m left to right ..sizeof('a') =1 byte..sizeof a char and sizeof(a)=2 bytes
  • pad
    what is the o/p:

    char a='a';
    printf("%d %d",sizeof(a),sizeof('a'));

    answer is architecture dependant.

    sizeof (datatype) are always architecture dependant.... unless you use virtual machines like JVM.
  • mahul
    yeah pad is right this gotta depend on compiler and architecture
  • Yamini L
    Yamini L
    i think it would be 2 and 1...for int 2bytes and for char 1 byte...that also depends on the architecture of ur system
  • ambuja 28
    ambuja 28
    we cant write sizeof() inside printf .so it 'll give error
  • sattu21
    the answer wud be
    1 1
  • pallavi agarwal
    pallavi agarwal
    according 2 me the answer wud be 1 1 & also there is no need to give char a='a' ,we can simply give char a coz thats not making any difference basically.
  • friendster7
    the answer will be 1 and 1 too.and we can write sizeof() in printf their will be no error.

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