Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ
09 Oct 2008

Split up of AMD- good or bad?

Some of you might already be aware of AMD's recent announcement of splitting into two different companies: one for R&D, and spinning off the manufacturing and fabrication division.

I suppose its good that AMD can now solely focus on developing IC technologies for the CPU and GPU market, and could potentially save costs by outsourcing the fabrication.

.. however, is the latter true in all cases? Will this new foundry be able to keep up with changes in IC fabrication technology or will AMD be reliant on others?

How will the spinned of company fare in the independent manufacturing business? Seems like they are following suit with Siemen's Infineon and the more recent NXP Semiconductors of Philips.

I hope prices for the AMD chips will decrease soon, so I can purchase my Athlon X2 4450e!

Links of interest:
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[2- Official Announcment on AMD] News Room Home

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