Hi guys
Iam currently in my final year and my final year project is design, simulation and fabrication of a spider robot with image capturing/recording ability.
could your please suggest me about any company/firm within India that sells servomotors at reasonable rates.
Any other helpful suggestions towards the project are welcome.


  • enggricha
    How come every time i open a post its about some part requirement or other...anyways...Your own blog? used to sell servos, they buy it in bulk from abroad and sell it to students. Give them a try.
  • Nicanor
    Thanks for the help. Appreciate it
  • Nicanor
    cud any one plz tall me if it is possible to import an autocad 3d model into solidworks software?
    If so how is it possible?
    is there any particular extension that i can use to the existing 3d product file in autocad to get it into solidworks

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