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tian • Nov 5, 2007

Sound Localization, MC, and Neural Network

Currently I am working on my final project. My final project title is “Design and Implementation of Mobile Robot Sound Tracker Based on Artificial Neural Network”.

I want to make it embedded with battery as the supply.😕

Any idea where should I learn first? Where should I start first?
Should I use Microcontroller Atmel AVR or Microchip PIC?
What frequency my system working to as an input?
What Neural Network type I work to?
Should I use Fast Fourier Transfom (FFT), Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), or not use at all?
What is motor type I working with? Is DC Motor is OK?
nikomaster • Nov 15, 2007
First, dont use DSP's that is my first advice, and second, try to learn more about neural networks.


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