17 Jul 2018

Sought co-operation in design analysis

I have prepared an auto cad drawing for ovality checking gauge.Can any body help me for analysis of the said design so that load distribution,vulnerable point details could be indicated.

18 Jul 2018

Is there any way you could post your design here? 

19 Jul 2018

What is an ovality gauge? 

All one needs is a couple of engineers squares mounted on a diagonal guide. The sides of the rectangle enclosing the part shows the ovality. For inside ovality two inside vernier calibers mounted likewise should do the job.

Where do load distribution or vulnerable point detection come into ovality measurements?

26 Jul 2018

Dear Sir,

I have designed and made a prototype of that particular equipment.I need the analysis of that equipment,which transmits rotation power in right angle without the use of gears

26 Jul 2018

I am missing something here. What is the purpose of a ovality gauge to transmit power that too at right angles without gears?

01 Aug 2018

Sir, ovality gauges have no relation with gear less power transmission system.I have designed and manufactured a prototype gear less transmission equipment,which could help in facilitating ovality checking of round material with the help of job holder.

07 Mar 2019

Can I have your mail id please so that I can send my design for stress analysis

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