Sony's Smart Band SWR10 Is More Than Just A Fitness Tracker

Along with many new devices, Sony has also announced the launch of its first ever wearable device - a 'Sony Smart Band SWR10' at MWC 2014 today. Sony’s Smart Band SWR10 which is much more than a fitness tracker will be available in 60 worldwide markets from the month of March.

Sony’s Smart Band looks just like a bracelet and is available in many colors. It keeps track of user's activities all day long with the help of an app called 'Life Log'. It just needs to be paired with your Bluetooth device and you are ready to go. It is waterproof and has enough backup to last for 5 days. This Smart Band consists of buttons on it, which helps the user to control media settings on the paired device. Especially for music lovers Sony has got wireless SBH80 Bluetooth headset which can be synced with Smart Band to have a better music experience.

The Smart Band can be used to track your daily exercise and sleep. The only thing that it lacks is a clock. Life Log app's shortcut can be created on the band by just pressing a button on it. The app is helpful in storing the data which can be reviewed later. Another additional feature on the Smart Band is the facility to get vibration alerts. If you get a call or message on the phone to which you are paired, it vibrates. It also starts vibrating when signal from the paired device fades, like when you move far away from the paired device. That pretty much sums up the latest wearable in town from Sony.

What do you think of this Smart Band as compared to its contemporaries. Suggest your views in the comments section below.

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