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Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • Aug 31, 2011

SONY To Launch World's First Head-Mounted 3D Display With OLED Panel

SONY has declared the launch of its Head Mounted Display “Personal 3D Viewer” ‘HMZ-T1’, a device which promises a whole new experience of viewing 2D and 3D content.Once you get the devic on your head, you experience the movie theater-like virtual screen (equivalent to a 750-inch screen) expand before your eyes. It features the latest 0.7-inch high definition OLED panel (1280 x 720), which have been successfully completed through Sony’s unequaled expertise in both OLED display and semiconductor silicon drive technologies.
[​IMG]The OLED displays high contrast, color reproducibility, and fast response enables the device to get HD picture quality. Along with this, the device embraces the ‘Dual Panel 3D Method’ which has separate panels for the left and right eye in order to display independent HD picture quality to each eye, which actualize 3D vision. The viewer can savor natural and bright 3D picture quality that is free of unwanted signal coupling. Moreover, a wide horizontal viewing angle of 45 degrees has been attained by using an optical lens that totally puts down unwanted elements like aberration and distortion. It even boasts of  SONY's original virtual surround signal processing technology.
As stated in their press release, the HMZ-T1 has the following features to look out for:

    [*]The high definition OLED panel delivers HD picture quality.
    [*]The ‘Dual Panel 3D Method’ delivers natural and bright 3D picture quality that is crosstalk-free.
    [*]Optical lens which realize wide 45-degree horizontal viewing angle (750-inch virtual screen, virtual viewing distance approx. 20m) which is equivalent to a movie theater screen, while the shielding construction creates a deep feeling of immersion.
    [*]‘5.1ch Virtual Surround Technology (Virtualphones Technology)’ for realistic and expressive sound.

Believed to be their craziest development till date, I'm sure it will take the market by storm once it releases. Priced at 60000 yen, it is stated for a November release in Japan. Watch out for 15 year olds though, this device is strictly not recommended for them.

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